Building the Link Library for ‘The Green Castle’

Hello and welcome again to The Green Castle!

Today I am starting to build the ‘link library’ part of the blog, to make a handy framework for the ongoing task of organising links for various aspects of the huge specfic ‘world’.  Some of the library’s categories will include: author interviews, general information resources such as glossaries and newsletters, news about and links to sites for upcoming conventions, sources of reviews and other commentaries on movies/books/podcasts, etc.

The Link Library is intended to be a major side-bar feature, so that it can be easy to refer to but not become an unwieldy set of posts. I will start with various sources of links that I already have and make a regular (ideally, a few times a week) scan of promising sites/lists of links.

If you, the readers, know of or come across a link to something you are confident is a genuinely useful source, please feel free to leave a comment and link/s for me to check out. In saying that, please make an honest disclosure of interest if the link/s is/are to something you have an interest in -e.g a link to an official convention site which you are involved in organising/promoting/will make a presentation at/have made a donation to its committee. In turn, I will undertake to disclose any personal interest I will/may have for posting a link in the Links Library section e.g  to a writers’ group I am in. I’m asking this (of this blog’s readers in general and of myself as the blogger) right at the beginning, in order to help maximise the reliability and honesty of the information and sources provided by this blog in particular, and to aid the general long-term interests of speculative fiction.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Yours in the great world of specfic,