Some Speculative Fiction publishers’ websites and/or blogs for browsing

Evening, all. 🙂

This will be a list-style post, including ‘hot’/live links, about various publishers’ websites and blogs (and in one case, a facebook page) that l’ve enjoyed browsing as part of my increasing interest in and enjoyment of Speculative Fiction over the past several years. Some of the publishers may also be distributors for other specfic publishers.

I’ll do an extra list fairly soon; and the same applies for specfic authors’ websites and blogs.  There won’t be any particular ‘order of favourites’ within each list, as the ones I’ll include – starting with some I can easily think of “off the top of my head” or get an example of publication/s from my own bookshelves – are already among those I keep re-browsing.  Plus, there are simply so many I haven’t even discovered yet.

So, here are some to ‘whet the appetite’ [ :)]:

Harper Collins’ Voyager Online (Australia) (US)

Gollancz (UK)

Gollancz Australia (Australian subsidiary)

Del Rey & Spectra (US)

Hippocampus Press (US)

Arkham House (US)

Clan Destine Press (Australia)

EDGE Science Fiction & Fantasy/Tesseract(Canada)

Ticonderoga Publications (Australia)

MirrorDanse Books (Australia)

P’rea Press (Australia)

Twelfth Planet Press (Australia)

Happy website/blog browsing! 🙂