A few Science Fiction haiku of my own


One of the things I really want to do with the re-opened blog is to post more of my own specfic writing than I used to do.

So, for the first post, I’ll put up some Science Fiction haiku/’scifaiku’ that I wrote a few months ago, for an anthology call-out. By now, it has become apparent that my scifaiku didn’t get included, so I’d like to give them a new and different chance to reach some readers. 🙂 SF haiku is both inspired by and different from the original nature-oriented  form of haiku and also a bit more casual than the strict ‘old school’ 5-7-5 syllable form that was/has been taught in many countries’ schools for so many recent decades.

I’ll do a separate post about SF haiku, as I’m really enjoying the form and what creative possibilities it can offer, both in its own right and as it relates to Speculative Fiction in general.  For now, here are the first ones:

Opera scene:

of two space-ships, gliding

towards a star.


Forgotten space:

chambers of a deserted

cargo terminal.


Small islands:

A mad scientist makes a bridge…

nothing is safe.


Volcanic temper

of a leading colonist

dooms fine dream.