Welcome to the new version of my blog, The Green Castle!

As with the original version that stopped in late 2011, this new version focusses on Speculative Fiction – Fantasy in general, Science Fiction, some Horror every so often, a bit of Dark Fantasy, Historical Fantasy and various cross-genre mixes.

I started this blog with three main aims: to ‘talk’ about/write about Speculative Fiction/’specfic’;  to create a space for my own writing in/related to the genre – a mix of personal non-fiction, fiction  of varying lengths and sometimes poems too; and last but not least to simply have fun! 🙂 That is just as true in 2013. 🙂

This blog isn’t meant to be just me going on and on about specfic as I get deeper into it – I’m also really keen to do my part in encouraging a blogging community to develop ‘at’ The Green Castle. Swapping ideas, comments, bits of information and stories about the wonderful imaginary and social ‘worlds’ that are connected to/based on/touched by specfic  could really benefit the blog and all who want to visit.

As far as topics and types of media  go: books, magazines, online content, movies and specfic conventions are more likely to show up more often than tv series or video/computer games. That has a lot to do with the kinds of stories I came across that led to me really getting  into specific, back in 2006; and the fact those stories, including Raymond Feist’s Magician novel, were in novel form. I just wasn’t ‘bitten by any bug’ that might have led to a video/computer-game hobby/obsession. 🙂

There’ll also be an occasional repeating topic of castle life in general (both in fiction and the very offline non-fiction, stone towers&fortified gates sense), but without the original blog’s stories about characters within The Green Castle.  This time, the blog will be more like a collection of personal columns than a particular virtual world.

Thanks for visiting! 🙂



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I don’t know as to whether you guys get your blog stuff into something concrete like books or magazine. Just to know. However, it will be a great gesture of courtesy if updates or things related to writing (poetry, short stories or other fiction) are emailed to me. I shall be obliged. Regards. Cheerio.

    • Greetings, ‘M. Syre’ and thanks for the inquiry and interest.

      Also, apologies for delay in any reply, but ‘The Green Castle’ has been going through some difficult building/repair work and re-staffing times in the past month and I haven’t
      been keeping up well with visitor inquiries – neither has the castle’s Chamberlain, who has pleaded ‘too many negotiations’ to deal with in the nearby large town.

      The short answer is: no, at least not yet. So far ‘The Green Castle’ has been started as a single-author blog on a pure hobby basis and despite initial plans to use it as a fiction showcase too, that hasn’t started yet. It is due to start some time this year. Am email list could be a very good idea, for sure -will include it in next lot of expansion plans. So far I have just been doing a simple copy&paste of new blog posts into my own facebook page, but if you would like a notice for your email address that you give, I think that can be done.

      And thank you for the idea about getting stuff into ‘something concrete’ – an intriguing possibility. 🙂
      Good health to you, and good blogging!
      ‘Resident Nobleman of The Green Castle’

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