Hello again! The Green Castle is re-opening. :)

Hello again,

I am happy to re-open the main doors and lower the drawbridge of The Green Castle and resume the blogging activity about the vast range of Speculative Fiction. 🙂

The months-long ‘closing the castle’ time was unplanned. After the post about experiences at Conflux9/NatCon in Canberra over the Anzac Day Long Weekend, many other things started to demand attention…and the blogging momentum was lost. The blog itself wasn’t forgotten, though: I took some notes of new ideas for things to blog about, investigated more  Speculative Poetry and started writing some, saw some new movies including the new ‘Star Trek’ one – and one or two that were ‘old classics’ but I hadn’t seen them myself. Magazines such as SFX and SciFiNow also gave me many hours of interest-filled reading.

I want to resume blogging at The Green Castle at least a couple of times a week. My increasing interest in Speculative Poetry, both in terms of reading and writing it, will get a fair bit of blog-post space from now on. Short personal essays on various aspects of specfic will also ‘get an airing’. 🙂  This blog also seems to offer a good incentive to write some micro-fiction/flash fiction and also share some information about ultra-short story forms and maybe links to related author interviews on websites/blogs, plus any promising writers’ guides that deal specifically with these forms of stories.

My first post of my own recent/new writing is coming up very shortly, in a separate post.

For now: welcome back to The Green Castle! 🙂

cheers, Tim


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