Websites and facebook pages to browse for galleries of Fantasy Art

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As a complement to the list-style posts about publishers and authors of Speculative Fiction, I am doing this new one about the wealth of virtual galleries of Fantasy Art that show up on websites, blogs and facebook pages. These resources can give some extra colour and interest value to the range of things you enjoy displaying and sharing through various social onlne media and might also lead to discovering new favourite artist/s and image/s. A fair few of my own facebook friends have welcomed various Fantasy Art images that I’ve been sharing on a “just for fun” basis over the past year or so that I have been actively searching for examples of art in specfic and the art for its own sake.

Overall, though, the main aim of this post, and any future similar ones, is to simply provide  a list of titles and urls of websites/blogs/facebook pages – with as many live/’hot’ links as possible – that I have personally discovered either through my own browsing or from recommendations, and then found that I enjoyed re-visiting those virtual galleries. There are also a small number of websites, such as Australian Fantasy Art Enclave and the facebook fan club for Frank Frazetta’s art, that I discovered while compiling this list. This first list will have some cross-over into Dark Fantasy and Goth-style images, as well as lighter styles and traditional Epic Fantasy content.

I won’t be doing comments for any of the galleries, but leave it to you, the blog reader, to visit as many as you like and get your own impressions. Please feel free to leave me a comment on this blog, about any galleries or images that you really enjoy, as well as any extra galleries found by, say, clicking on links or ‘other recommended pages’.

So, the first list is:

Brooke Gillette

Fantasy Art Addiction

Leigh’s Fantasy Page

Fantasy & Gothic forever

Gothic N Anime Fantasy Lovers

Gothic & Fantasy Art

Fantasy Art

Geneva’s Collection with Juliette Juillerat & Daryl Nicole

Kingdom of Fantasy

Gothic Fantasy Art

Australian Fantasy Art Enclave

The “Frank Frazetta” Fan Club

Happy browsing! 🙂


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