Re-opening The Green Castle!

Hello! 🙂

I have decided to re-open and substantially re-model The Green Castle blog, after nearly a year and a half of not doing anything with it. It will still be a blog focussed on my major interest in Speculative Fiction in various forms and sub-genres, as well as related topics such as specfic conventions and Fantasy Art, but this time I’ll leave out the Resident Nobleman narrator character and simply write and reply as myself.

Recent reading and re-reading about blogging, plus some great experiences at Chicon7/Worldcon in Chicago last year and some more general thinking about new writing projects for 2013 all led me to start thinking about personal blogging again and what it could offer. This afternoon, when I signed back into WordPress for the first time since about Halloween of 2011, and re-read the ‘About’ page for this blog in its earlier version, the description seemed to cover a fair bit of promising territory. Re-starting and re-modelling The Green Castle blog, plus learning/re-learning to use various WordPress features and tools (including some that have been created since late 2011), ended up being more appealing than making a new blog just for the sake of it being new but not really very different.  Hmm, that’s not unlike a new lot of residents occupying a pre-existing castle, now I think of it… 🙂

Initially, I’m looking at posting at least 2-3 times a week and covering a range of categories in that time, without trying to do a daily blog. This blog is, as per last time, is a solo creative project for the main part and I’m still keeping a full-time job – so there will be various very real off-line limits to the speed of its growth and expanse. 🙂 That said, I will be experimenting with various ways to ‘spread the word’ about the blog, get in some guest bloggers from time to time and see what can be done about connecting to other forms of Social Online Media if that seems to match the spirit and purpose of various posts or, for that matter, the general focus of the blog. Also, if I do a post about a particular business such as a favourite book-shop/publisher/author’s page/home page for a convention, then I’ll certainly include link/s for it or them and any additional information that might seem useful. That will be pretty much the extent of advertising on this blog.

So, with all that said: I’m really happy about this new blogging project and look forward to meeting people with an interest in/love of the huge range of  ideas, stories, people and activities included in the ‘multiverse’ of Speculative Fiction. 

Thanks for visiting! 🙂

Yours in Speculative Fiction,



6 thoughts on “Re-opening The Green Castle!

  1. may it go well Tim. it sounds very exciting. I love spec fic and have had two successes in the field since I began short story writing thirteen months ago. If I can help let me know

    • Cheers! I think the new version will go well now.
      I’m excited by the potential of it as an on-going creative exercise that will also fuel interest in increasing my knowledge of Speculative Fiction and become more confident (and technically adept with blogging in general) about sharing my thoughts on the genre and posting some of my own writing inspired by it. 🙂
      Regards, Tim

  2. btw I think it’s a vrey good idea of yours to write as yourself and not through thye persona of another; if I do a blog on speculative fiction of any kind and I probably will I’ll direct readers to your blog

    • Thanks, John; I’m also pleased with that decision. 🙂 It simply turned out that the “novelty value” of using that Resident Nobleman persona faded faster than I’d first anticipated.

      cheers, Tim

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