New feature: “a chat in The Throne Room with…”

Warm Greetings from The Green Castle! 🙂

One of the new things I want to do on the revived blog ‘The Green Castle’ is to start an informal interview-by-email series, using the working title of “a chat in The Throne Room with…[insert name]”. The basic idea is to invite writers, illustrators, editors, costume makers, folklore specialists, book designers, librarians, awards judges, publishers, film-makers (and more later), to ‘talk’ about various personal experiences in/with and views on speculative fiction, perhaps favourite projects and how/when they first ‘got into it’. 🙂 Venturing some forecasts and/or inspired guesses about the future/s of speculative fiction is also good. But please, only use virtual chicken gizzards, troll hairs, sparrow feet, vultures’ beaks etc. if doing the whole reading-signs business as aprt of any forecasting.

In the longer term, this interview series will hopefully provide both an ongoing content feature as so many other interview series do in both print and online forums and publications, and also build up a kind of informal oral history of activities and people in various parts of the vast range of Speculative Fiction worlds.

The Green Castle’s roomy, secure and well-appointed Throne Room will be made available to provide an atmosphere of sorts, or at least a fitting kind of  ‘backdrop’ effect, and keep a not-too-serious thematic connection between the present-world people and blogging world, with that of the castle and its characters. 🙂 Naturally, respectable catering and accommodation services will be provided, as well as transport assistance if needed – to and from the castle and nearest large town.

Live audiences will certainly be given entrance to the Throne Room for the interviews while they are in progress. Indeed, the visitors coming for their chat in the Throne Room are gently but clearly advised to even expect live audiences at some time. They, in turn, are welcome to attend other chats. In castles in general, what happens in throne rooms tends to excite strong interest in times of war or peace. The Green Castle is no exception in this. 🙂

My staff and I look forward to welcoming the first visitors for the chats in the Throne Room, to begin this new feature of castle life.

Keep well and travel in peace, good folk!

The Resident Nobleman


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