New event coming soon: investiture and medal ceremony at The Green Castle

Greetings from The Green Castle!

At long last there will be an investiture and medal ceremony the castle! It has been some decades since a major ceremony of this kind was held at the castle, so everyone here and many in the nearest large town and surrounding villages and hamlets are really looking forward to it.

Several young men in the realm have just completed their training and rites in the last stages of qualifying for full Knight status and a new Order of The Green Castle has been created for both military and civil classes. The knights will receive the Order in the Military class and various distinguished citizens have been elected as the inaugural members of the Order in the Civil class, and will receive their medals at the ceremony.

The actual medal representing the order is a disc with silver frame, a white inner background with an overlaid image of the castle’s front gates; the Military class is signified by a silver sword above the gate; there is a silver key for the Civil class. The medal’s silk ribbon is of a forest-green colour.

A feast and entertainments in the main courtyard of the castle will be provided for all attendees, after the official ceremony; new knights and civilians receiving a medal will also be given a pre-ceremony reception.

The ceremony will be held in the early Spring; more information will be posted closer to the event. I have been told that guests from distant provinces have already started preparations for their journey to the castle.

Warmest regards from The Resident Nobleman


2 thoughts on “New event coming soon: investiture and medal ceremony at The Green Castle

    • You’re certainly on the invitation list, good Citizen John. 🙂

      Extra anti-troll measures will be set up well in advance of the ceremony. Guest will be advised of some of those measures, though not all – I want the trolls to be worried and deterred, not the guests and initiates/award recipients. 🙂

      Resident Nobleman.

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