Building/repair works and re-staffing at ‘The Green Castle’

Greetings from all of us at The Green Castle!

My apologies for the quietness and lack of recent activity on the castle’s blog, and do be assured, good readers and castle visitors, that your company has been missed.

A little over a month ago, when I last posted on this blog, it became clear that various parts of the castle itself need substantial repair works, or in some cases even complete replacement and new furnishings -and as often happens with big, complex structures like castles – you find one thing to repair then several more seem to magically show up just after that, all needing to be fixed and many of them in hard-to-get-at places. So, much coin flowed out of the castle’s coffers and into the -strong-boxes of various building-trades guildhalls, as well as into the coin pouches of assorted individual merchants and the messengers taking orders for business.  Not forgetting that tiresome monk from the abbey, the one who dragged on negotiations about which apprentices and journeymen would or could be hired at castle vs the abbey or in the town. He invited himself to the castle one day and the new Chamberlain –  ‘Alendorath’, from some distant seaport I can’t remember the name of for now- merely expressed token sympathy for what I had told him about the monk, then invited the …. to lunch. ?!! If he ever offers the monk some temporary work in the Scriptorium, I’ll be looking for another Chamberlain.

In addition to the building and repair works, and new furnishings, various castle staff were wanting a change of scene, or to visit family after  a long absence.  They kindly assured me that the castle itself was agreeable, and only a couple of staff cited any difficulties about other staff – mostly in the stables and kitchen areas. Not wishing them to feel imprisoned, I agreed to request for end of service, gave them strong references (which kept a few of the scribes in the Scriptorium quite busy for a few days), some extra coins of the realm and wished them well on their travels.

I look forward to resuming more regular social activities at the castle and more blog posts, in this brand-new month.

Good health and good blogging! 🙂

Resident Nobleman at The Green Castle


2 thoughts on “Building/repair works and re-staffing at ‘The Green Castle’

  1. Good evening, Squire. I am happy to help out with repairs to the banquet hall and ballroom. In recompense, I of course, await an invitation to the next royal gala party at The Green Castle. Do I need to bring a prince? Happy to assist also in arranging social events at your grand abode, Sir Timothy.
    Kind regards,
    HRH, Princess Joanna (I’ve upgraded from wench status since my last post here, sire)

  2. Greetings, Princess Joanna and my humble apologies for such a delayed reply.

    In addition to the renovations and building works described earlier, I found myself having to make many business and family-related trips, including one long four-day bone-jarrer (despite a generous supply of cushions) to some relatives three principalities away from my castle – and who, soon after my arrival, made it bluntly obvious that they preferred being distant relatives. Strangely enough, by the time I was half-way home again, my disappointment and irritation had melted like the morning mists leaving my castle’s walls. 🙂

    I have a major Investiture Ceremony in mind -for new knights, and some recognitions for various worthy townspeople. This ceremony will certainly include a castle party on a generous scale; please do be assured you are invited for both the investiture and feasting.
    An accompanying prince is not required, but will be welcome as a guest;s company.

    If you would like to assist in social events at the castle, that is most gracious of you. I will be happy to ask my Senior Lady-in-waiting (who asked to keep that title from her previous osting, despite having no Lady of the House, so to speak, to wait on at the Green Castle), Macaria de Lindhroy of the Bercosian Duchies, about some suitable opporuntities for you and lodgings for while you are at the castle. If you simply arrive at the front gatehouse of the castle and let the guards and porter there know I and Mistress de Lindhroy are expecting you any day, they will call for someone to usher you through to the correct part of the castle. They will also also let me know and I will look forward to meeting you.

    Yours cordially at the Green Castle,
    Resident Nobleman

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