New foods and new services at The Green Castle

Salutations and blessings from everyone at The Green Castle!

Today I am happy to give you some news about new foods and new services at the castle, after many months of castle staff being busy with planning, gathering new wild ingredients, learning new recipes and – in the alchemist’s case, creating some new cures.

1. From the kitchens:

Hearty Traveller’s Lunch (needs to be ordered a day ahead, by messenger  – apply in the town for details) –for guests staying overnight at the castle: choice of roast boar or venison with mushroom sauce; served with pumpkin, beans and the new-season wine;

Pilgrim’s fare, for those travelling onwards for the day (available by early-morning request at castle gates): new-season wine, fresh-baked dark bread, slices of cold roast boar or venison, fruits of the season;

Stew and bread: generous one-person serve of vegetable stew, with a thick slice of fresh-baked dark bread (a regional specialty) –this can be made as either a lunch at the castle or packaged securely for travellers;

Apple-and-mead pudding with cream: the new dessert sensation at the castle! Highly recommended as a final complement to the new roast dinner options. Served warm in colder months and will be tried as a cold dessert in the next Summer.

Please note: the food for travellers will be put in suitable containers, flasks, skins etc, which do not need to be returned to the castle. A small saving on the meal cost can be achieved if travellers going to/through the nearest big town after leaving the castle are willing to leave their food containers with one of the tavern-keepers. The keepers regularly return containers to the castle via the same messengers taking advance meal orders.

2. New medicine:

Stronger cure for common insect bites and stings: a new bland-coloured soothing cream concocted earlier this year by the castles alchemist. I have personally had to test this preparation a few weeks ago and was delighted with the result!

3. Quick scribing service: the newest service of all- for regional and visiting merchants/ambassadors urgently needing additional copies of brief contracts (up to and including three pages), notices of sale/purchase/loading of goods and various letters of introduction. Please introduce yourself and state your business/a sponsoring business or guild -at the castle gates and ask for the Scriptorium Assistant. A room has been set aside for transcribing documents that need to be kept in confidence.

In most cases, all copies will be available – in a “standard business” form or with some illumination and a higher ‘aristrocratic’ grade of parchment, if that required for special state occasions – by end of the next day after the request is made, if that request is made before end of standard lunch services. If enough spare staff are available, this time can be decreased further.

The castle staff and I hope you will enjoy the new foods and/or benefit from the services if you need them.

Please feel welcome to visit us again,



2 thoughts on “New foods and new services at The Green Castle

  1. An exciting array of products and services, Tim. I gather that The Green Castle has been given a five-star rating.

  2. Greetings, Lady Joanna and much thank to ye! 🙂

    I have indeed heard whispers that a guild master or two has accorded the castle a very high rating, and compare it most glowingly with examples of stripped-to-harshest-basics castle accommodations they have hosted in during the course of checking on guild-approved apprentices. 🙂

    A long-dead uncle of mine once gave me a bit of castle-dweller’s wisdom that I have guided myself by ever since: “a popular local castle is always likely to get better help from the local people when a real crisis looms”. He left a final note for me: “the same castle’s visitors will get more help from castle staff and the same local people if the castle’s resident lord uses some of his taxes to help those beyond the castle walls.”

    Here’s to keeping the five stars! 🙂

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