Features in Issue No. 48 of ‘SciFiNow'(UK) magazine

Welcome to The Green Castle!

Today I’d like to let you know of some features in the current issue (Issue No. 48) of SciFiNow (UK) magazine, as they cover a very wide range of specfic interests, from tv series to classic movie and a visit to George Lucas’ ‘Skywalker Ranch’. There are a few copies now  available in the Scriptorium/Library, which you’re welcome to browse through during your visit/s.

Here are 6 features I can recommend for starters:

  • The ‘Skywalker Ranch’  tour article, titled “Welcome to Lucas County” – starts p.34.  Some fine photos and a very strong sense of  wonder for the writer -this place is, after all, a kind of Special Creative Zone as well as a kind of principality for George L.;
  • ‘Young Guns’- re: an industry analysis kind of feature about the recent problem of various sf tv series being cancelled early in their runs, and examples of a few that have succeeded despite the odds and predictions by gloom merchants.  Starts on p.30;
  • ‘The Nitpicker’s Guide to Planet of the Apes’ – looks at key plot points, classic scenes, crucial characters… pp.110-111;
  • The ‘Library’ section starts on p.77. The author interview features Larry Ringworld Niven. News and short comments cover new and classic books, including a new omnibus edition of H G Wells’ works, Kazuo The Remains of the Day Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go and the new film of the novel, plus comics, audiobooks and anthologies.
  • Article surveying various Dr Who fan films  -checks out a few in detail e.g ‘Gene Genius'(2003/04) and ‘Time Rift’ (1995) and then has a ‘best of the rest’ list;
  • For fans of classic ’80s fantasy on screen, ‘The Princess Bride’ movie gets a special 4-page retro feature starting on p.106

SciFiNow‘s home page: www.scifinow.co.uk

Note: Please remember to keep the magazines in the lounge area and resist any temptation to mark pages by folding corners. There is a supply of bookmarks near the magazines.  Thankyou for your assistance and I hope you enjoy your reading.

The castle staff will be happy to provide you with food and drinks in the dining areas and information about travel in the local area.

Thank you for visiting. 🙂

‘timatgreencastle’ –


6 thoughts on “Features in Issue No. 48 of ‘SciFiNow'(UK) magazine

  1. Informative post, Tim. I won’t be getting a subscription to the journal though as I’m not into science fiction.
    Like the way you’re ideas are progressing re our blog’s character. Very creative. Good on you. Have a good weekend,
    Joana :))

    • Thanks, Joanna. 🙂

      I’m not actually a subscriber yet myself – have bought some by-the-issue copies (depending on what front-cover features catch my eye while browsing in news-agencies) in recent months to check it out, but am now much, much closer to subscribing. 🙂

    • Cheers, Karen! 🙂
      It’s been a lot of fun to simply start it, with specfic as the focus. I look forward to finding a creating lots of really good must-visit-again-for-more content and seeing a community grow too. 🙂


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