Special feature in 600th issue of ‘Locus’ magazine

Hello and welcome to all visitors at The Green Castle! 🙂

The friendly castle staff will be happy to take care of your travelling cloaks, stable your horses (or any other animal you use for transport assistance), park the carts and waggons, find a place for bags and boxes etc during your visit. If you are travelling here by flying carpet/broomstick/magic cloud or other non-animal type of flying transport, please ensure it is properly de-activated in appropriate way/s before the castle staff store it for you.

This evening, good visitors, the castle’s current (and, for that matter, the inaugural) Troubador-In-Residence, no less than Elrichus of the Margonian Highlands, has some news about the new issue of the widely popular Locus magazine:

“Hear ye! Hear ye! The January 2011 issue of Locus is the 600th issue!! To celebrate this milestone in Speculative Fiction publishing   activity, there is a special feature titled ‘SF in the Digital Age’ – mainly comprising personal commentaries by specfic luminaries – both  established and on the rise – such as the very versatile author Neil Gaiman, Charles Stross, Cory Doctorow, current SFWA President – John Scalzi, podcaster Mur Lafferty, illustrator John Picacio, Tor editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden, blogger and novelist Elizabeth Bear and many more.

The main part of this special feature starts with the editorial on p.5, then assumes pride of place on pp.6-7 with Neil Gaiman’s experiences of online social media  – your humble host recommends this as an excellent story in its own right and a fantastic start to the feature. Head to p.32/along that long corridor ahead of you, go up the stairs and open the first big door on the right, to get the rest of the contributors’ words.

There is much more to this issue, though:  e.g Canadian star science fiction author Robert J Sawyer gives a fine interview on the last few pages of the issue, columnist Cory Doctorow writes about the idea/possibility/oxymoron? of Net Neutrality, you can read international conference reports from Germany and Israel, catch up on the usual review and news columns, browse the photo galleries…

For later reference, the Locus home page is at: www.locusmag.com [as noted in the current issue].

May all visitors be well and at peace in The Green Castle. Here endeth the proclamation.”


Many thanks, Elrichus! It looks like the 600th issue will prove to be a very worthy early acquisition for the castle’s library.

The castle’s kitchen and table -service staff can offer a variety of sustaining food and some drinks, and can offer some foods like fresh bread, small flasks of cider and wheels of cheese for when you resume your travels. Please forgive the lack of banqueting options just now, as the main kitchens and banquet hall are still under construction.

Thank you for visiting The Green Castle so early in its history. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Special feature in 600th issue of ‘Locus’ magazine

  1. absolutely wonderful introduction, Tim ; you inspire me ; and even though I’m not into spec fict, as you know, I read on because the ‘tour guide’ was so amiable and knowledgable

    • Wow, thanks John!
      If I can ‘win over’ (however temporarily)a blog reader not quite into specfic, I must be off to a very good start indeed! 🙂

      I’ll keep working on fine-tuning content style to develop a consistent ‘voice’ for the blog, though I did already have a fairly clear idea of what I wanted to offer – thanks to a fair bit of daydream-type research time (e.g lunchtime walks, recent reading of blogging books -two of which I recommended on ‘facebook’). 🙂

      Your very generous words encourage me to keep going on to greater blogging goodness.

      BTW – that troubador’s name was a spur-of-the-moment improvisation while writing the blog post. I guess those months of daily “see you ’round like…” sign-offs on ‘facebook’ paid off as a creativity exercise 🙂

      Cheers, Tim/’timatgreencastle’

    • Many thanks, dear Lynne/Lynne the Lurker. 🙂

      I’m really pleased you can’t help liking the new blog’s name, especially as I was originally very attached to the name ‘The Green Asteroid’ and changed to ‘castle’
      at practically the last minute (i.e during a late-afternoon walk around some streets in my suburb, then once home again I turned on the ‘puter and connected to
      Wordpress home page) before doing the sign-up process. Also very happy you find it to be fun and informative, which is pretty much the mix I was aiming for,
      right from the start. Very encouraging! 🙂

      Cheers! ‘timatgreencastle’

  2. Ha! Great writing, Tim. I love the invite to your castle (and I love the name of your blog too). You are so organised and imaginative. I think this blog will be a real delight. Congrats again.
    Joanna :))

    • Many thanks! 🙂
      I’m still in the early experimental stage of my “welcome to the castle” Host’s Post style, but it feels comfortable (and, I confess, I don’t mind at all if it sometimes seems a trifle corny, as I’d prefer that to staid or gloomy) and and I want to keep at least some light-hearted element in the blog. 🙂

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